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Tips & Tricks For Digital Imaging – Playing Cards for For Camera Lovers

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet Playing Cards for Digital Image Processing

Mastering PHOTO EDITING can turn average images into amazing memories. It is essential to know the common tools and functions and technical jargon to achieve. Each of the court cards has uniquely designed camera artwork. Think of them as pocket-sized cheat sheets that you can bring wherever you travel. The info on the cards can be combined so you will have everything you need for photo editing. PHOTOGRAPHY Cards and COMBO (Both Variants) are available separately.

Each of the suits contains one of the four different categories of information:

– Spades – Basics
– Hearts – Editing
– Clubs – Technical
– Diamonds – Advanced

$26.90Add to cart


The cards make a unique gift for anyone who likes to edit images and cameras in general. It doesn’t matter if you are shooting on a compact, mirrorless, DSLR or even your smartphone: This is the perfect travel companion and a useful addition for your camera bag.


The deck consists 52 standard Playing Cards and 2 Jokers and is the ultimate gift for shutterbugs and camera enthusiasts.The numbered cards illustrate tips and tricks for a better PHOTO EDITING workflow. They are basically pocket-sized cheat sheets that summarize your image editing functions and techniques for the most common apps.


The deck has a micro linen finish which feels great in the hands. It is very lightweight yet durable and suitable for rapid shuffling or cardistry.
The tuckbox is embossed and made from black cardboard which is sturdy and durable.

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